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About Natalie

I'm an artist working out of the greater northern San Francisco Bay Area in California. I was born and raised in this area for most of my life. The wonderful blend of access to the beautiful,  Tuscany-like outdoors and the lively and multicultural urban cities of the area greatly influences the lens that I view the world through, which inevitably influences the art I make. I've adventured to and lived in various parts of the world including Lake Tahoe, Italy, and a road trip across the United States, but I always love coming home to the SF Bay Area. 


Art is an exercise in freedom, voice, overcoming fear, and letting go for me. It forces me to see things differently, and forge new paths. In this pursuit, I've become unbound to one medium or subject. Instead I use multiple mediums to invoke the unique meanings they carry with them, and as a microphone for the ideas my voice must sing, whatever that message is at the time. Sometimes my tune is serious, somber, and confronting. At other times I might be humorous, playful, and to be taken lightly. I can move to and fro between abstraction and realism. Making art has become an expression of my existence.


  • Acrylics

  • Oils

  • Watercolor

  • Pastels

  • Charcoal and Graphite

  • Pen & Ink

  • Photography - Digital and Darkroom

  • Digital Painting

  • Graphics

  • Website design

  • Apparel and Consumer Products

  • Mosaics



Standard Paper Sizes


Extra Large Murals


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